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Law Offices of Richard C. Miller, Jr.

Hiring a lawyer is difficult under the best of circumstances.  The prospect of sifting through the many attorneys available to provide you with legal advice can be daunting, especially when the circumstances surrounding your legal needs are sudden and stressful.  Whether the need for an attorney arises unexpectedly or it is a planned event, you want an attorney who will understand your needs, put you at ease, and promptly provide you with the best possible legal representation at a reasonable cost.

At the Law Offices of Richard C. Miller, Jr., PLLC we seek to do just that – provide you with understanding, respect and excellent legal service. Our firm has been guiding clients and successfully handling cases for over 37 years.  We do our best to provide the highest level of customer service to every client, no matter how large or small the case.  We also try to understand the needs of our clients, so we seek to accommodate them, offering extended workdays and access to our staff via phone and email, even after customary business hours.

Our firm handles many types of cases and different areas of practice, including:

  • Residential Real Estate (representing both buyers and sellers)
  • Commercial Real Estate (representing both buyers and sellers)
  • Legal Representation for Banks and Mortgage Banking Entities
  • Formation of Business Entities (including corporations, LLC’s, etc.)
  • Succession Planning and other Legal Guidance for Businesses
  • Legal Representation for Contractors and Construction-Related Work
  • Commercial Litigation

If you have questions or concerns about a legal matter, call us for a consultation today.  Even if the nature of the legal matter is one that we don’t handle, we will seek to insure you find the best attorney to assist you with your legal needs. We believe that if we treat our clients right, they will remember it and pass the word on to others.  A referral from a client who is satisfied with a job well done is what we strive for.

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