Law Offices of Richard C. Miller, Jr., PLLC Specializes in Real Estate, DWI, Speeding & Related Traffic Matters, Business Formation & Disaster Preparedness, Corporate Law, Landlord & Tenant Issues, Evictions, Debt Collection, and Land Use and Zoning.

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We Provide Prompt Excellent Legal Representation on short notice for traffic violations, such as Speeding Tickets, DUI, DWI, and other Traffic accidents.

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Hiring a lawyer is difficult under the best of circumstances. The prospect of sifting through the many attorneys available to provide you with legal advice can be very overwhelming, especially when the circumstances surrounding your legal needs can be sudden and highly stressful. When you are suddenly faced with unexpected legal issues, you want an attorney who will understand your needs, address your concerns and provide you with the best possible legal representation.

Richard C. Miller Law Provide excellent Speeding Ticket DefenseAt the Law Offices of Richard C. Miller, Jr., PLLC we will do just that – provide you with compassion and respect while providing excellent legal service. Our firm has been guiding clients and successfully handling cases for over 33 years. We go to great lengths to provide the highest level of customer service, no matter how large or small the case. To better accommodate our clients, we offer extended workdays and access to our staff via phone and email after hours and on weekends, when the need arises.

Our firm handles many types of cases and different areas of practice, including:

  • Traffic Violations (including Speeding, Aggravated Unlicensed Operation, DWI and other related matters)
  • Residential Real Estate (representing buyers, sellers, and banks)
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Formation and Advising of Business Entities (including corporations, LLC’s, etc.)
  • Disaster Preparedness Planning
  • Contracts and Construction-Related Work
  • Landlord-Tenant Issues
  • Planning and Zoning Approvals and Related Litigation
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Mortgage Foreclosure Defense
  • Collections
  • Judgment Enforcement
  • Misdemeanor Criminal Cases in Town or City Courts

If you have questions or concerns about a legal situation, call us for a free consultation today. At the Law Offices of Richard C. Miller, Jr., PLLC, we will put your needs first, even if it is a legal matter that we can’t handle for you, we will see that you retain the best attorney for your issue.

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